Beneficiary Application 2023

We are pleased to announce that applications to become a Beach House Hotel Beneficiary for 2024 are now open, providing an opportunity for charities / not for profit organisations / sporting teams and individuals to apply.

To provide a brief recap, The Beach House Hotel Beneficiaries has been conceptualised by the team behind The Beach House Hotel as a unique initiative for them to contribute to our community in a meaningful and engaging way.

In 2024, The Beach House Hotel will run a series of events, inviting our community along to raise money for our beneficiaries. These events are set to be annualised and ingrained in our community as a way to give back while partaking in what The Beach House Hotel does best, great food, drinks and entertainment.

Throughout the years, The Beach House has supported many teams, charities, organisations, and individuals on their journey to make The Fraser Coast a better place. Our new beneficiary process will enable us to do this even better and ensure we build great relationships with those that need our support.

In this modified manner of giving back, our selected beneficiaries will enjoy a partnership that spans 12 months, fostering a stronger connection between them and The Beach House.

Also, we expect the beneficiary to actively contribute to The Beach House by assisting us to plan significant events that support them and help us share our business via their networks.

This includes tasks such as choosing a theme, creating invite lists, promoting the event on social media platforms, securing auction items.

Furthermore, we have outlined the expectations from the chosen beneficiary following the event. These include making social media posts about the partnership with The Beach House Hotel, introducing our event partnership, explaining the project/program and how the funds will be utilised, promoting The Beach House Hotel, sending newsletters or EDM communications to their database about our beneficiary events and the project/program's progress and impact, distributing media releases to key Fraser Caost news and media outlets, attending Beach House Hotel events to share the impact of how the beneficiary funds will be used.

We appreciate your continued dedication to making a difference in our community.

Thank you once again for your invaluable support.

Applications close October 31st at midnight. We would love to hear from you!

To be considered, please complete our Expression of Interest form below:

Beneficiary Application - Beach House Hotel Hervey Bay
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